Activities and Associations : NSS

NSS or National Social Service scheme endeavours to develop awareness of social problems whilst nurturing their ability to work for social causes.

Too many social and constructive projects have been carried out by the means of NSS.
Our college has the strong background of charity and social welfare so there are so many events showing the devotion towards society. Some as follows

Blood Donation Camp - Every year on dated 10thfeb we arrange the blood donation camp in the memory of Late Sanjay Tompe and Late Samir Deshmukh.

Every year more than 100 donors donate the blood for need of patients. It is in the collaboration with the blood bank of Bhutada & Dr.Punjabrao Deshmukh Memorial hospital.










NSS Camp
Every year in the month of January, we run a camp in the adopted village where we do the social service by constructing percolation tanks, programme of cleanliness etc.
Name of the villages adopted by our college for social service Nagarwadi, Katsul


Rally of Road Safety Week

The Rally has been circulated in the whole Chandur Bazar City. It is for the awareness about the road safety. It is in collaboration with the local police station Chandur Bazar.
















Awareness about LPG Gas safety
It is for the awareness about the LPG Gas safety. It is in collaboration with the local Gas Agency,  Chandur Bazar.















Yoga Day
The International Yoga Day is celebrated our college.